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Market Equity Inc must notify its clients about the trading operations and clients orders execution policies. This commitment comes as the company is registered and licensed in the Republic of Vanuatu under the supervision of the Financial Services Commission. (VFSC).

The policy terms associated with the client agreement must be read to understand the policy of executing the trading order at Market Equity Inc before using the trading services provided by Market Equity Inc. If there is something you don’t understand or needs to be clarified, please contact the customer service department.

Market Equity Inc. offers CFDs and instant Forex products to its clients to cover a wide range of markets and financial instruments, and any quotation made by the company, delivers it directly to clients from the main financial instrument, originating from a stock exchange or quotation from one of the counterparties from liquidity providers, like (the FX market prices quotes from banks). Market Equity Inc. spreads these quotations across its trading platforms with small spreads or margin so that clients have the possibility to trade.

1.Market Equity Inc policy of executing orders is provided to you (our clients or their representatives) as the company must take all reasonable procedures to achieve the best interests of the client when receiving and transferring the orders to get the best execution result and to comply with the principles outlined in the applicable laws for providing investment services.

2.The company takes all reasonable procedures to achieve the best possible results for its clients by taking into consideration all factors related to the reception and transfer of orders.

When the company transfers orders to be executed or executed with markets and financial institutions, then the implementation is more difficult. The probability of the implementation depends on the availability of prices from major markets and global financial institutions. But in case the company is unable to execute an order, for example, and not limited to, news and the moments when the trading session starts and in volatile markets, the prices move significantly up and down and when the liquidity is insufficient to execute the specific size of the offered price in Force Majeure and in case the company is unable to execute the order for any reason, whether size or price, the company will not implement this order.

3. The company has the right at any time it deems appropriate and without prior notice or clarification, to refuse the transfer or the execution of any order or instruction received from the client as in the cases described in the customer agreement and in the general terms and conditions.

4.The impact of the market: some factors may have a rapid impact on the underlying assets price from which the company derived the displayed price and may also affect the other factors described in this policy, the company will take all the reasonable factors to ensure the best possible result for its clients.

5. The company does not consider the above list of factors to be exclusive and that the order which meets those factors, will not have the priority to be implemented. despite that, when there are specific instructions from the client, the company will make sure that the order will be executed according to those instructions.

  • The company is committed to the following conditions when executing orders:
  1. Ensure that the orders will be appropriately executed on behalf of the client, recorded and accurately saved.
  2. The execution of similar orders in a sequential and appropriate manner, except when there are criteria for the order or when there are conditions in the market which make the execution of this order impractical or when the client’s interest was otherwise.
  3. Inform the retail clients of any fundamental difficulties related to the proper implementation of the order as soon as he knows about its the existence.
  4. When the company agrees to provide investment services, the client hereby accepts the implementation of this policy on him.
  • Gap and Slide: All orders (stop-loss orders, limit orders or new orders) are subject to a slide on the open market. In the event of a slippage during trading hours, the purchase order (the new buy order or the limit order) which is below the market levels, or the buy order(New buy order or limit order) that is above the level of the market prices or the buy orders( closed or stopped ) that are below the market level or the buy orders(closed or stopped) that are above the market, may be subject to slide.

 If any market experiences a gap from one quoted price to another due to extreme sensitivity to market-influencing information such as (profit warning or economic data release), any trading order will be activated.

  • Market Equity Inc. offers its clients advantages of executing trading operations using liquidity provided by the electronic communication network technology ECN and the company provide pricing and execution. As a result, the client trades with the Market Equity Inc liquidity.

 Please note that sometimes, there may be a liquidity limit which may affect the trading operation execution. Market Equity Inc. treats all clients fairly and equitably. In case of a gap between the best price offered by one of  Market Equity Inc. liquidity providers or data, will be passed directly to the client. If the company is able to improve a certain price for any order type, then this enhanced price will be passed to the client, and due to the limited market access in detail on the Meta Trader 5 platform , With regard to delayed arrival time, contract size, and nature and the trading method, Market Equity Inc. does not guarantee the completion of the execution process and the slide in a better method than any other model or other forms of implementation available. Market Equity Inc will pass the market price to the client with full confidence and transparency in the limit orders or stopped orders.

  • Place of execution:  The place where all financial instruments are traded (the Chicago Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange) and Market Equity Inc. are the only places of execution for all your trading operations done online or through the telephone.
  • Instant execution: a term used by Meta Quotes Software Corp on the Meta Trader 5 platform, which means that traders do not need to request quotations because they can view them through the real-time trading screen, this term refers to the execution of the price, which means Market Equity Inc platform, sends quotations either by selling or buying, according to the prices shown on the screen.

Processing the trading operation once it is conducted, may take few seconds, after completing the order depending on the Internet and external communications. In very rare cases, the specified price shown on the screen may not be available, and if this happens, a new price will appear on the screen so that the trader can use it or cancel the order, as the request is rejected or implemented on the new price according to the type of client’s account and specifications.

  • Policy modifications and additional information:
  1. The company may modify or add to this policy at any time and when it deems appropriate without prior notice to the client.
  2. If you would like to have more information about the conflict of interests, please direct your request or your question to support@marketequityinc.com

Risk Warning: our services include financial products traded marginally and involve risk of losses that exceed the value of the deposited funds. These financial services may not be suitable for all investors. Please make sure you are fully aware of the trading risk.