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What are Market indicators (stock indicators)?

Are a series of technical indicators in a financial market or a specific sector based on calculating the average price of the selected shares. Market indicators are used to measure the rate of the rise and fall of the stock prices which is calculated by point. Some indicators measure the general status of the market such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average index, and the S&P 500. There are also sectoral indicators which measure the level of the market in a specific sector or industry, such as the Dow Jones index for the transport industry, and the S&P index of the raw materials industry.

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The importance of indicators and their relation to the economic situation

Markets Indicators, are a mirror of the economic situation of a country since they predict the future economic situation before any changes in stocks which give the investors indications on the global market trends and make it easier for them to study the economic conditions of a country or a specific sector without having to study each share on its own.

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