Forex FAQ

Get your answers to the frequently asked questions about our services and financial trading.

Market Equity Inc is an international company operating in the Forex trading field and dealing with currencies and futures contracts, metals and global stocks. We are a licensed company in the Republic of Vanuatu under the financial services and commissions (VFSC) and the Ministry of finance.

We have one of the best trading platforms available on the web which is the meta trader 5 supporting the market access for forex and comes in a number of mobile applications across multiple operating systems. You can trade through your desktop or your mobile device. The platform offers advanced financial trading functions, as well as superior tools. For more details visit this link 

We also offer the Pro platform which enables you to trade physical stocks. For more information visit the link 

Market Equity offers currency pairs and share dealing services. For each type of instrument, we have different badges in our platforms. Please visit the link of the contract specification for more information. Link 

Market Equity Inc gathers liquidity from about 12 of the top banks in order to provide the best quotes for you to trade on and meet your needs.

Does your company provide the VPS server?

Yes, Market Equity provides the VPS (Virtual private server) directly through Meta Trader 5 platform.

For more information, please click on this Link

In order to gain a practical understanding of foreign exchange trading, a demo account is the ideal choice to test your trading potential where you can experience what it’s like to trade the forex market without risking any capital and take a good forex educational course. Take a tour to our educational packages available in our website. Please refer to this link 

In order to start trading on a Demo account, you should follow these steps:

  • 1. Click open a demo account on our website.
  • 2. Fill in the Demo registration form.
  • 3. Click register now.
  • 4. You will receive an email with your user name and password.
  • 5. Log in to the client area using the information you received by email.
  • 6. Click register now.
  • 7. Start trading on your Demo account.

Visit this link for more information Link 

Here is your step by step process for opening a trading account:

  • 1. Click the “Open Real Account” button on our website.
  • 2. You will be required to fill in an online form providing all your personal details.
  • 3. You will receive an email containing your account number, your password, the log in code and Meta Trader 5 server data.

Please keep all the records you receive for future reference.

For more details, visit this link 

Market Equity provides specific Forex apps for Apple and Android operating systems.

  • 1. Download the MT5 application.
  • 2. Open the Meta trader.
  • 3. Go to settings and press on the Meta trader 5 Demo account.
  • 4. Click the + on the top of the page.
  • 5. Login to an existing account.
  • 6. Enter Market Equity on the window of the company or server.
  • 7. Choose “MarketEquityInc-live”.
  • 8. Enter your user name and password.
  • 9. Click sign in.
  • 1. Download Meta trader on your device.
  • 2. Click Quotes
  • 3. Go to manage account.
  • 4. Click the + on the top of the screen.
  • 5. Select” MarketEquityInc-live”.
  • 6. Enter your login and password.
  • 7. Choose the server” MarketEquityInc-live”.
  • 8. Click login.
  • 1. Login to your portal.
  • 2. Click on account applications.
  • 3. Click on reset trading account password.
  • 4. Choose Q1 test.
  • 5. Write your answer
  • 6. Click submit.
  • 7. In the reset trading account password Page, fill in the form given
  • 8. Enter new password
  • 9. Confirm your new password.
  • 10. Click submit.
  • 1. Go to the client area
  • 2. Log in
  • 3. Click forget password
  • 4. Enter your email address
  • 5. Click submit

We will notify you with an email which contains a link. Please access the link in the email to complete the password reset process.

  • 1. Login to your portal.
  • 2. Click on my info.
  • 3. Click on “change trader room password” (portal)
  • 4. Enter your current password.
  • 5. Enter your new password.
  • 6. Confirm your password.
  • 7. Click on Submit.

Market Equity provides specific Forex apps for Apple and Android operating systems.

In case you don’t remember your username and password, you can send us a request “forget your password “and you will receive a link to reset your password by email. Please contact us for more assistance.

Yes, you can hold up to 4 accounts (1 main and 3 sub accounts) at one time under one registration.

In your portal, go to:

  • 1. Go toAccount operation.
  • 2. Click New live account.
  • 3. Complete the form provided regarding the platform, the account type, leverage, currencies.
  • 4. Accept the terms and conditions.
  • 5. Click Submit.

You can start trading after you have funded your account and got the approval

The minimum deposit to open an account with Market Equity, is US $ 100 or its equivalent in any other currency.


We support micro contracts where the size of the lot is 0.01 or the equivalent of 1000 units of the base currency.


Market Equity has employed effective strategies while trading which include “stop order” and “limit order” in order for the clients to manage their trading capitals and control their risk of losing funds. for more information, visit the link 

Funding and Withdrawals

You can fund your account online either through K-net, Credit cards or Bank wire transfer. We also accept payments through gateway methods such as Skrill, Neteller, Mister Tango and Cashu payment.

In order to make a deposit and start trading, follow these instructions:

For E payment methods (Skrill, Neteller or Mister Tango and cashu):

  • 1. log into the client area.
  • 2. Click “deposit funds”.
  • 3. Click wire transfer.
  • 4. Select among one of the payment methods
  • 5. Create a wallet.
  • 6. Deposit money.
  • 7. Make the transfer.

For wire transfer (transfer from Bank)

  • 1. Login to client area.
  • 2. On the dashboard, click on Deposit funds.
  • 3. Choose wire transfer.
  • 4. Fill in the forms at the end of the page. (bank/trading currency…)
  • 5. Upload the TT copy.
  • 6. Click submit.

All Clients’ deposits are kept in segregated clients bank accounts in top banks to ensure maximum protection of the funds.

Yes, you may use multiple cards to fund your account as long as it is in the same name as the trading account holder.

are Our website is protected by the SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ). All the sensitive information submitted by the clients are kept safe.

Funding your account will take from 30mn to 72 hours depending on the payment method you made the transaction with.

To transfer your money, open your portal and follow the steps:

  • 1. Log in into the client area.
  • 2. Click “account operations”.
  • 3. Click transfer funds between accounts tab.
  • 4. Select from account to account.
  • 5. Enter the amount you want to transfer.
  • 6. Submit.

An automatic email notification of the transfer will be sent to the client.

You can submit a withdrawal request online from your portal in the secure customer area. These kinds of operations will be dealt with in the order of the requests received within 24 hours (1working day or less). However, the withdrawal may last longer due to unexpected circumstances.

Keep in mind that withdrawals are processed to the original funding methods. Therefore, a single withdrawal request may be processed via multiple cards.

Please follow these steps:

  • 1. Log in into the client area.
  • 2. Click “withdraw funds “on the dashboard.
  • 3. Fill in the withdrawal request.
  • 4. Click Submit

You will receive an automatic email confirmation when the withdrawal is made.

Market Equity charges zero fees on deposits and withdrawals. Bank transfers are charged with Bank fees only without any additional fees on our side.


  • – 3.9% for all transactions
  • – 0.29 EUR fixed per transaction.
  • – 1% surcharge for all the following countries:
  • – 1% per withdraw.

Mister Tango:

  • – 0.61 Euros for more than 15 Euros.
  • – 2% for each amount less than 15 Euros.


  • – 7% fixed on the withdrawals and deposits.


  • – 3.9% on all transactions.
  • – 29 cents per transaction.
  • – 1% surcharge on the following countries:
  • – 2% on withdrawals.

Market Equity MT5 tracks all trading activities in real time, allowing customers to view open positions, profit and loss, Margin availability, account balances, and all previous transactions details directly on the screen.

  • 1. Log in into the client area.
  • 2. Click” My reports “on the dashboard.
  • 3. Choose the type of report you need to open.
  • 4. Select the date.
  • 5. Click search.
  • 6. The report appears on the dashboard.

General Forex Terms

The Forex market operates 5 days a week except on Saturdays and Sundays

The trading days in the Forex market start Monday through Friday 24/24 hours, throughout the day.

The Forex market opens on Sunday evening at 22:05 GMT and closes on Friday evening at 21:50 GMT.

In the foreign exchange market, all currencies are traded in pairs. The first currency is the one you buy and the second is the one you buy with.

These currencies are known as the major pairs such as the EUR / USD which is considered to be the most common currency pair as well as the USD / JPY, GBP / USD and USD / CHF. In all these pairs the US Dollar is usually present.

Currencies are always formed in pairs. In a currency pair such as EUR USD, the first currency is called the base currency while the second currency is called the quote currency, which is usually the currency you buy with.

For Islamic accounts, you will be charged only for the exotic currencies and for non-Islamic accounts, you will be charged for all types of currencies. (symbols). Visit this link for more information. Link 

We give you the flexibility to choose between 3 different types of accounts from which you can choose the suitable to your trading: The ECN, the Scalping and the money back accounts. You can learn about our variety of accounts by visiting this Link 

ECN which stands for Electronic Communications Network. It is an automated system that matches purchase and sell orders. ECN connects individual traders and major brokerages so that they can trade directly without having to go through a middleman. It offers high execution speed, low spread and best prices. For more details, please visit the following  Link 

Market Equity is proud to offer an account that provides you with additional financial returns on your daily trading. Please visit this link for more information about this type of account. Link 

The leverage is an investment strategy involving the use of borrowed funds in the purchase of an asset. We provide our customers with a leverage to facilitate the execution of their deals without the need of depositing the total amount in their accounts.

The leverage level of Market Equity Inc ranges from 1: 100 to 1: 400. leverage depends on the type of accounts and the client’s knowledge and level of experience in trading.

While trading, you will often come across the word “Spread”. Spread is the difference between the (Bid)or sell and the (Ask) or buy price quoted for an instrument. The spread may vary depending on the financial tools.

It is the difference between the interest rates of the two currencies which a trader either earns or pays when a position is kept open overnight at a price reflecting the interest rate differential between the two currencies.

Each currency pair will have two rollover rates: one for short positions, another for long positions.

In trading, you can take two types of positions: long and short when you buy currencies, this means that you’re opening a ‘long’ position. In this case, the investor is hoping for the price to rise and if you are selling them, this means you are going in ‘short position’ where the investor hopes to benefit from a drop in the price.

Margin can be considered as a guarantee to the broker on open positions. It is not a commission or a trading fee. Margin is simply part of the money deposited in your account and is neutralized.

Trading with Margin, gives you more access to the market. Margin requirements vary according to the financial instruments.

An amount that the brokerage company reserves from the capital when opening the transaction and if the transaction is closed on a profit, that amount will be returned to you with the profit amount and in case of loss, the company will return it back and takes the loss value from the available margin.

The usable margin is the amount of money you have left in your account to open new trade positions or guard against losses on open trades.

The Broker sends notice to the client informing him that to keep his position or positions opened, he must deposit additional liquidity on his account, otherwise the transaction may be closed when it reaches a certain limit.

The results of the transaction converted to the new payday to replace the previous date of the transaction with the current date. The amount of this payment (the value of the center transfer) in the client’s account, shall be determined by the excess or minus amount which is the difference between the interest prices of the two transactions currencies.

PIP Is a numeric value and represents the lowest possible change in the currency pair and is sometimes called (interest rate point) which refers to the last decimal of the price of the instrument.

Day trading is the buying and selling of a particular financial instrument on one trading day, which means that the trader cannot hold any trading deal during the evening.

Is the entry of two contracts, one sale and the other buy on the same pair and the same value of the lot to reduce the loss.

A pending order is the trader’s instruction to a brokerage company to buy or sell financial instruments at a specified level. When the price reaches the level wanted, the execution of the order is done automatically. There are four types of pending orders available in the terminal:

Buy Stop is a pending order to buy at a price above the current one. The trader places Buy Stop, when he assumes that the price will overcome a certain level and starts to go up.

Sell Stop is a pending order for sell at a lower price than the current one. The trader places Sell Stop, when he counts on a further reduction of the price after overcoming the certain level.

Sell Limit is a pending order to sell at a higher price than the current one. The trader specifies Sell Limit, when he predicts that the price will rise to the certain level, and then starts to go down.

Buy Limit is a pending order to buy at a lower price than the current one. The trader places Buy Limit, when he thinks that the price will increase after it falls to a certain level.

In order to place a pending order, follow these steps:

  • 1. Open the new order window.
Forex FAQ