Company profile 

Market Equity is a leading global financial services firm as it has placed itself at the forefront of the global companies, and succeeded to make a revolution in the trading world by offering a wide range of developed solutions and financial features to its individuals and institutional clients, including global and regional hedge funds, asset managers, investment banks and non-bank financial institutions to help them realize their investment goals.

Through its insightful vision and its strategic thoughts and thanks to its technological theories, Market Equity was able to create new investment opportunities for the clients and guide them to the path of success.

Our vision To be a market leader in the financial brokerage field and innovate the best and most advanced strategies to help our clients get high profits.

Our mission

  • Ensure that our clients get the maximum returns on their investment with us.
  • Maximize our client’s investment objectives by providing them with the best financial services and trading products.
  • Continuously develop the latest financial brokerage technologies.

Our values

  • The foundation of our company is based on transparency, honesty, respect, credibility and teamwork.
  • We are committed to helping our clients succeed.
  • Optimal customer support and service.
Company Profile