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Serving our clients responsibly is Market Equity Inc priority, and we are very pleased to provide great products to facilitate the process of the client’s trading. We value and respect every individual and institution we conduct work with since our success is mainly linked to the success of each trader.

Market Equity is proud to provide distinctive financial services for the investors through its insightful vision and strategic thought which enabled it to occupy an important position in the global financial markets.

We highly aim at achieving your goals and meet your investment needs which is mainly due to our developed analytical, technological and professional tools as well as to our experienced team who work on making your trading run successfully.

We look for highly motivated employees who are productive and creative to join our team. We provide a cooperative and friendly environment for work and encourage collective and individual solutions and ideas. We also support the employees and give them the information and tools needed to develop them academically and practically.

” Our objectives are still ambitious in this constantly evolving market, we are committed and determined to accomplish our goals.”

Market Equity focuses on four foundations (client, technology, creativity and ambition).It derives its power from meeting the needs of its clients and since we work in the electronic trading field, technology is the basis of our business. We have an integrated team working on the development of the trading system and the execution of innovative ideas. We are celebrating this growth, evaluating our current situation and planning for the future. You are ‘our client’ and the core of our growth.

We will also keep on improving our offers for traders and expand trading technologies, to make the trading process and the diversified Portfolios easier.

Main Introducing Broker

Wafra Financial Brokerage Company is our main introducing broker.

Wafra has positioned itself at the forefront of financial companies by offering a range of features and solutions to its individual and corporate clients, which help them to achieve their investment objectives.

Market Equity Inc is to synergize and add more value to its products and services.


Market Equity is a leading global financial services firm as it has placed itself at the forefront of the global companies, and succeeded to make a revolution in the trading world.

Our Mission

Maximize our client’s investment objectives by providing them with the best financial services and trading products. Continuously develop the latest financial brokerage technologies.

Our Vision

To be a market leader in the financial brokerage field and innovate the best and most advanced strategies to help our clients get high profits.


We are committed to deliver high speed of execution and our clients will benefit from a wide range of resources to improve their trading results.